How to choose the right perfume for you

Perfume is a very personal thing. After all, your scent says a lot about who you are. It is no secret that being around someone who smells good makes you feel more positive. So, don’t be overwhelmed with all the perfumes out there – these tips will make choosing the best scent a slice of fragrant cake!


Start with samples

Perfumes can be incredibly pricey, so it is understandable not to want to buy a fully priced bottle right away. Try to get a variety of fragrances that you can try out. It is best to try a perfume over two to three days. This is because the top notes of a perfume rub off in fifteen to twenty minutes, so buying a perfume five minutes after walking into the store means not getting your money’s worth. Our natural scent also changes throughout the days and with different weather conditions. Trying a perfume out for a couple of days will help show how the perfume will work for you in day to day life.

Go into the store with something in mind

If you are unsure of the fragrance you are looking for, try not to be completely in the dark. We all have scents we are familiar with and like, so keep those in mind when shopping. Keywords like vanilla, floral, sweet, or spicy will help communicate the right fragrance to the salesperson. It also prevents unnecessary expenditures. These keywords can also include the performance of the perfumes like long-lasting, sillage (how much a scent lingers in the air after you’ve left), and so on.

Take some cues from the packaging

Tastes and preferences differ from person to person. If something smells good and works well there is no reason to turn it down. But, be wary of the target market of the perfume. Masculine scents are packaged with generally darker colors and more plain bottles whereas vibrant scents will have equally vibrant packaging. When looking for something subtle, look at fragrances with subtle packaging. This is a great short-cut when shopping through hundreds of options that may be at the store.


Keep age in mind

We never want to smell older than we are. Keep in mind age-appropriateness when on the hunt for a good perfume. The rule of thumb is to go for sweeter perfumes when younger and richer perfumes when older. This is where packaging comes in handy as well. Scents with young stars like Miley Cyrus or Paris Hilton are made for a younger audience and should be avoided by people who are over twenty. But, this is merely a tip and if something feels good to wear then rock it.

Use different perfumes for different purposes

Date night does not equal brunch, so neither should the perfume. Matching perfume to the occasion is not only necessary but practical. For everyday wear, go for something long-lasting and subtler. No need to overwhelm the nostrils with a full, deep smell at eight in the morning. Lighter, fresh scents are better. For date night, go all-out. Choose what creates confidence because that’s the best accessory.

When we get compliments about smelling great it makes us feel great because we feel more attractive. Perfumes can be sophisticated and timeless when chosen well. Follow these tips and go find the scent-match made in heaven.