Should you get your haircut even when you are trying to grow it out?

Growing out your hair can be tedious and sometimes just downright frustrating. This can be even more so if you do not know how to approach growing out your hair. In this article, we will explore why it is important to give your hair that cut even though you are trying to grow it out, how diet influences your hair, and how massaging your scalp can be a powerful tool to use and more!

Cutting hair to grow it out

Every hairstylist will recommend to you that you should cut your hair if you are trying to grow it out. This does not have to be too frequent but can be limited to every 3-4 months. The reason why a cut is actually recommended even though it might seem counterintuitive is because of the ends. The ends of your hair are the furthest away from the root and get the least amount of nourishment because of this. It is also much more exposed to chemical processing like hair dyeing and highlighting. This makes them vulnerable to splitting and sometimes it can split so badly that it splits all the way to the shaft of the hair and breaks off even though the follicle is in its growth phase. Some people’s hair split so badly that the hair actually thins out as the hair gets longer because it keeps breaking off. Certain types of hair will need cuts much more regularly than other times like thin, curly hair. So definitely keep your type of hair in mind and listen to its needs. Keeping your hair healthy while growing it out is an essential part of the process.

Should you get your haircut even when you are trying to grow it out?


Your diet is such a powerful determinant of how quickly and well your hair is going to grow. If you have a poor diet that lacks important vitamins and nutrients then it will reflect in your hair and you will have weak, brittle hair that will be prone to splitting. Growing your hair is an external reflection of what is happening internally.

Massage that scalp

Massaging your scalp is actually a proven way of helping your hair to grow faster. This is because massaging your scalp stimulates the hair roots and then they grow faster. So definitely spend some extra time in the shower massaging your scalp a bit while washing your hair.


Stress can kill any potential hair growth. If you want your hair to grow fast and look luscious then try to relax more often. You can perhaps find a few minutes per day to do some breathing exercises or even meditate and do some yoga. Not only will this be good for your hair but for your personal health as well.

Should you get your haircut even when you are trying to grow it out?

Be patient

Like with anything, growing hair will take time and patience. Try to perhaps not think or obsess about it too much. A watched pot never boils after all!
Long hair or short hair?

Have you ever wondered if men prefer women with shorter or longer hair? Well, studies have shown that men actually prefer women with longer hair compared to women with shorter hair. In one study, men rated women’s faces as being more attractive when they have longer hair. This being said, many people have different tastes in hair lengths and the most important part of any cut is that you are happy with the final product!