How to wear a scarf

When winter knocks, scarves become those long forgotten accessories that most people dig out of the backs of their wardrobes. For others, they are daily accessories, no matter the weather. This is just right, you don’t have to pack away your scarves until you’re in need of warmth. Scarves come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, patterns and colors, meaning there’s one for every time of the year. While heavier scarves will keep you warm during the winter, lighter scarves will complement your outfit in different ways during the summer. That said, it does not mean that winter scarves should be haphazardly thrown over the neck or shoulders so long as they give warmth. There are a lot of ways on how to wear a scarf that makes the rest of your outfit look even better.

Here are some stylish ways in which to keep yourself either warmly wrapped up or stylishly scarfed!

How to wear a scarf

1. Drape it.

This has to be the easiest way to wear a scarf. Suitable for long scarves, it involves placing the scarf around the neck and leaving both ends to hang on each side of your torso.

2. The European knot.

This involves folding the scarf once, then placing it around the neck. The side with the two tail ends is then put through the other doubled-up end. The scarf is then cinched around the neck for maximum warmth.

3. Wraparound.

Another easy way to wear a scarf, this involves a long scarf being wrapped around the neck severally. It should be left a bit loose for comfort. This is a great way to wear a scarf for warmth.

4. Tucking it into a belt.

The loose ends of a scarf are tucked in under a belt. This keeps them in place especially when there’s strong wind and also adds a touch of style to the outfit.

5. As a neck tie.

Along with some warmth, tying a scarf around the neck is a great way to make an entire outfit appear more fashionable. This works better with short scarves of lighter fabrics.

How to wear a scarf

6. As a headscarf.

Small and silken scarves can also be used as headscarves. Worn over the head and wrapped under the chin, they look especially chic when paired with sunglasses.

7. As a hair tie.

Step up a level from your usual hair ties and use a thin lightweight scarf instead. This is also an opportunity to incorporate color into your outfit or match up head to toe.

When it comes to matching up a scarf with the rest of the outfit, the following are suitable ways to wear one;
• Make it the focal point of the outfit. If the outfit is monochromatic, put on a colored or a multi-colored scarf.
• Wear a scarf whose color matches with that of part of the outfit, such as the top.
• Wear a thin long scarf as a wrap to complement summer wear such as bikinis, short dresses and bikinis.
As seen above, a scarf is a versatile accessory that can get fitted into any outfit any day. Don’t be afraid to use it up.