How to pick a perfume that represents your style

The advertising has been on point and the reviews about a new fragrance have been great. You can’t wait to get your hands on a bottle, but when you do… “This just isn’t me,” you say to yourself. We have all experienced this disappointment at one point or another in our lives. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Follow this guide on how to choose the right perfume and you will always have the perfect fragrances to suit your style.

How to pick a perfume that represents your style

Start with research

Firstly, we need to think about the smells that we are most attracted to. Is it a fresh-smelling shampoo? A bouquet of flowers? Or that first cappuccino with the extra vanilla on the way to work? Recognizing several scents that attract us is an important first step, but we also need to think about the environment we want to wear this fragrance in. Will this be worn at work, on a date, or a day out at the beach? A fragrance that is too musky might not be appropriate for the office, and those beautiful tropical scents that are perfect for the beach, probably won’t fare too well in an intimate dinner setting.

Type of fragrance

Now that you have an idea of the right smell, what about the type of perfume? There are many options out there, each with their own pros and cons. Natural, synthetic, or a combination of both? Confusing, right? If you prefer using a perfume that’s a 100 percent natural, there are stunning options available, but be prepared for a high price tag and a short lifespan. Most of the high-end perfumes available in department stores are synthetic, but this does not by any means mean that they are low quality or bad for us. On the contrary, a synthetic fragrance will hold a longer scent on the skin and last longer in the bottle.

Fragrance sampling, the right way

A good quality perfume will contain different levels of scents called “notes.” Top, middle, and base notes to be exact. The top notes are those scents that are most volatile. They are the first to be noticed but dissipate quickly within about half an hour. The middle and base notes are the true smell of the perfume that will linger on the skin for hours. To test a fragrance properly, spray a small amount onto your inner wrist or elbow. Don’t dab it around, just let it rest there. It needs to mingle with the skin on its own. There are several factors that will influence how a fragrance smells on an individual. What smells heavenly on one, could smell terrible on another. Body temperature, hormone levels, and diet are just a few examples. Walk around with this fragrance for a few hours before deciding if it is right for you.
Don’t make the mistake of trying out more than one fragrance on the same day. This will cause confusion and the wrong purchase could be made.

How to pick a perfume that represents your style

This advice can give us the confidence we need to go out and find that perfect fragrance. As with everything else, practice makes perfect. Ask the sales consultants if there are samples available of the perfumes you were most drawn to. This way, you can test different ones over several days and know for sure that you have found a fragrance that represents your style.