The reasons why denim will always be in style

If you look in your closet right now, there’s a high chance that you have at least a few denim items in there. You might have a couple of pairs of jeans, you might have a denim jacket, or you might even have a denim dress that you add to your repertoire every now and then. What you might not have realized is that those items have been in your closet for years. You haven’t had to cull them when society dictates that animal prints are soooo last season or that combat boots just aren’t cool anymore. That’s because denim will always be in style…

Denim goes with everything

If you’re really stuck in a bind and can’t find anything to wear for work, a day trip, or on a night out… you can always rely on your ol’ trusty denim. That’s because denim goes with absolutely anything. You can wear your denim jeans and a basic tee for a casual day out or a day of DIY, or you could pair these jeans with heels and a sparkly shirt for when you want to paint the town red. With versatility like that, who would get rid of denim?!

The reasons why denim will always be in style

Denim is comfortable

Although you might have to do the ‘denim dance’ when you first buy a pair of new jeans or denim item of clothing, this material soon molds to your shape and becomes one of the most comfortable things you ever own. Sure, they can be a little tight and constricting to start with, but the more you wear these bad boys, the softer they get. In fact, the older the denim, the better! Especially if they start getting a little distressed. People will pay good money for that nowadays.

Denim is for everyone

In today’s day and age, fashion inclusivity is a huge topic of conversation. Yet, we don’t have to have these kinds of conversations when it comes to denim, because this fabric is for everyone. No matter whether you’re short, tall, thin or overweight, you will always be able to find a pair of jeans, a denim jacket or another denim item that will fit your shape. As long as your jeans are right for your body, there’s no reason why you won’t look as though you just walked off the runway.

The reasons why denim will always be in style

If you have a few denim items in your closet, don’t throw them away. You heard us, keep them forever! Denim will always be in style, which means you never have to worry about what’s ‘in’ or ‘out’ ever again. What could be better than that?