Serena Williams shares her $900 nighttime beauty routine for beautifully radiant skin

Serena Williams has revolutionized the world of women’s tennis and now she will revolutionize the way we look at skincare. Setting trends seems to be what this 37-year-old bombshell was born to do. Serena looks radiant everywhere she goes, whether it’s the red carpet, on the tennis court, or even just chilling at home. What is her secret? Well, she has finally shared it and we are sharing it with you.


Serena starts out by removing all of her makeup with cold-pressed organic Loving Earth Coconut oil, which only costs $16. The oil naturally liquefies when it gets warm, making it the perfect water-free medium to remove makeup. Because it’s an oil, it breaks down the oil-soluble particles within the makeup with ease. She uses cotton cloth and warm water to remove all of the oil before continuing her routine.

Serena Williams shares her $900 nighttime beauty routine for beautifully radiant skin


Next, Serena uses the Resveratrol Vitamin C Serum from Vine Vera which retails at $246. Vitamin C is renowned for giving the skin a beautiful glow. We can see where she is going with this. She applies it to her whole face, being careful to avoid her eyes.
The next serum she uses is also from Vine Vera. The Age-Defying Eye Serum retails for $296. It contains green tea extract and is obviously worth every cent for the incredible results. She gently applies the rich but non-greasy formula to the eye area before moving on to the next important step.

Eye Mask

Retailing at $106 is the MZ Skin’s Golden Eye Treatment Mask. Serena applies these under her eyes and lets them sit for 10 minutes to force away any signs of dark circles, puffiness, or aging. These masks also contain hyaluronic acid, one of the best anti-aging and hydration ingredients available. Once she removes the eye masks, she gently massages in the remaining residue… waste not.

Eye Complex

Serena hates dark circles around her eyes and understands that the eyes show the first signs of aging. It’s no wonder then that she is pulling out all the stops to make sure that her eyes stay looking young and fabulous. The last step for her eyes in this routine is another product from MZ Skin that retails for $149. She applies the Soothe & Smooth Collagen Activating Eye Complex to the whole eye area. The tri-peptide formulation stimulates collagen and elastin formation to keep her delicate skin nice and firm.

Serena Williams shares her $900 nighttime beauty routine for beautifully radiant skin


The last cream that Serena applies to her face and neck is the Enrichment Cream from Ayur-Medic. Retailing at $70 per tub, this moisturizer is rich in peptides and coenzyme Q-10, so it really does pack an anti-aging punch!

Final step

To end off with, Serena uses a generous amount of Mario Badescu’s rose water. This divine spray retails at $12 a bottle and with roses being her favorite flowers, Serena just adores the way it smells. The spray also contains aloe and boots skin moisture and glow. She also uses it to set her makeup, so win-win.

The secret is out and it’s now easy to see why Serena always looks radiant and beautiful. Such amazing skin doesn’t come easy and all of Serena’s efforts have been well worth it.