Style lessons we can learn from Jackie Kennedy

The United States of America is steeped in history and politics, and we could talk about this for hours on end – but you know what? We don’t want to! Hidden in the midst of this political drama have been many women who have used their platforms to bring a new sensation to life. Yes, the First Ladies of the United States of America have all brought something new to the fashion table, and they have all touched the White House with their iconic style. However, it’s safe to say that no First Lady has ever been quite as stylish as the legendary Jackie Kennedy…

Never underestimate the power of black and white

Although Jackie Kennedy liked to add a little color into her life occasionally, her closet was largely made up of black and white clothing. In fact, most of the photographs of the First Lady show her wearing black and white ensembles – that usually feature black on the top half of her body and white on the lower half. This is because Jackie thought that wearing white on top and black on the bottom reminded people of waiters and waitresses, and she wanted to bring a new stylish chicness to the monochrome colors.

Style lessons we can learn from Jackie Kennedy

Less is always more

Although Jackie Kennedy always looked stunning in every outfit she ever wore, she never went overboard. She kept her outfits simple and wholeheartedly believed that less is always more. She would often rock the streets in a plain turtleneck and fitted white trousers, and would top it off with a dainty set of pearls. She wanted to show the world that your clothes don’t make you elegant or fashionable, it’s how you wear them that makes you elegant. After all, your clothes don’t wear you… you wear them.

Don’t be afraid to scarf it up

Despite the fact that Jackie Kennedy kept her accessories to a minimum, there was one addition to her closet that she loved to bring out for special occasions. Jackie Kennedy was a sucker for a scarf and used her beautiful choices to her stylish advantage. Like most people, she would add scarves over the top of her shirts or dresses, but she would also mix up this kind of style. On occasion, Jackie would use these scarves as a headpiece and show the world that she was not afraid to be bold.

It’s all about the fit

If you look at the photos of Jackie Kennedy, you will never see a skirt that’s not the right length, a shirt that is bunching up at the back, or even pants that are loose in certain areas. This is because Jackie Kennedy was a sucker for form-fitting clothing that was perfect for her shape and size. She believed that form-fitting clothes were incredibly important because even the best outfit could be ruined if it didn’t fit your body correctly.

Style lessons we can learn from Jackie Kennedy

Always remember your shades

Is it possible to even leave the house without a pair of sunglasses? We think not. During her time in the White House, Jackie Kennedy rocked her signature sunglasses that spurned the “Jackie O Glasses” movement. The First Lady would rarely be seen without these stylish glasses on her face, and they were so much more than eye protection. Every pair of sunglasses that this lady owned were stylish and perfect for her outfit. They completed each look she ever wore and apparently made it easier for her to watch people without them realizing it! She’s our hero.

There’s no denying the fact that Jackie Kennedy was and still is a style icon, but did you know that you can use her style tips in your everyday life? You’ll be rocking the runway in no time…