The rules of being a bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is a great honor bestowed upon you by someone who is basically trusting you with various aspects of their big day. Bridesmaids can sometimes make or break a wedding, depending on whether they’re good, great, or downright awful. Of course, in the scheme of things, most bridesmaids to a pretty good job, so don’t panic, you’ll be fine, but there are a few basic rules for being a good bridesmaid.

Be supportive

You might think that your friend’s dream dress looks more like a rhinestoned sack of potatoes and her decorations are so last year, but if you know it’s what she’s always wanted then try not to dash all her hopes and dreams too much. Alternatively, if you know that there’s something she’s always wanted and you know she’s so far avoided it, bring it up and encourage her to have the best day of her life.

The basic rules for being a bridesmaid

Accept the dress you’re given

Many brides will ask for your honest opinion about the bridesmaid’s dresses they’re considering, and it’s totally okay to give it up until they’ve made a concrete decision. If it has something to do with the fit and size of the dress, then that’s completely acceptable, but if you simply don’t feel the style is flattering enough, then it’s best to keep that to yourself. After all, they want their wedding to look a certain way, and these dresses are a massive part of that. So, if you’re given your bridesmaid dress, it’s best to accept, grin and bear it.

Plan all the best stuff

Part of being a bridesmaid is having a role in planning the bachelorette party. Of course, the maid of honor is likely to have most of the responsibility, but a good bridesmaid will put the bride first rather than butt heads when plans are being made. Also, don’t be afraid to make suggestions, if you know that there’s something you could do to make her feel extra special leading up to the wedding then make sure you get in there and do it; they’ll surely remember it!

Be on time

In fact, don’t just be on time, be early. After all, there’s nothing worse than holding up the bride from doing the most necessary shopping for the wedding. Make sure that you’re early and ready to be proactive when it comes to dress shopping, and that’s for both you and the bride! Also, if you know you have another bridesmaid friend who is always late, try and make it your responsibility to make sure she’s on time too so that the bride isn’t having to try to remind them continually.

The basic rules for being a bridesmaid

Don’t make hefty demands

This might seem like a wildly obvious one, but to some, it’s really not. Be mindful that everything surrounding the wedding is to do with the bride and, if you want, your day will come. If you don’t want to get married then you can always throw an incredible birthday party, you never know, but this day is about her. So, if you hate where the hen party is, and you think it’ll be better somewhere else or you’re not going; it’s not going to end well.

Mostly it can all boil down to being a happy and supportive bridesmaid. If you have something going on in your life that prevents you from doing that, then you might consider turning the role down; they’ll understand that you have other things you need to focus on. Otherwise, being mindful and kind will take you a long way.