Yoga for your face – it’s actually a thing

As much as people would love to stay young forever, it’s simply not possible. Age is a natural process, and it affects all parts of your body, including your face. While you can have cosmetic procedures to try and reduce the impact of this process, the results can sometimes be worse than aging gracefully. Moreover, all you’re really doing is paying a lot of money to delay the inevitable. Thankfully, if you want to keep yourself looking young up there without resorting to surgery, you can now do face yoga.

The benefits of face yoga

When you think of yoga, things like sun salutation and the downward dog might come to mind. However, these don’t do much for your face. Thankfully, there are now specialized exercises which work out the muscles in your face, neck, and scalp to ensure everything stays in good condition.

Some of the benefits of doing these include a reduction in fine lines due to increased blood circulation, as well as alleviated tightness and tension. These exercises can also delay the onset of wrinkles and sagging by increasing collagen and elastin production, meaning you stay looking younger for longer. Plus, they brighten your face by removing damaged cells, and they even flush out toxins by stimulating your lymphatic system.

The Frown Face

So, if you’re going to do face yoga, where should you start. Why not give the Frown Face a try? To do this, you’ll need to take your middle and forefingers and place them on the inner corners of your eyebrows. For two seconds at a time, apply pressure to these spots while you’re looking up and squinting. Do this roughly eight times then close your eyes and relax. If you keep up this exercise for long enough, it should help reduce things like crow’s feet and puffy eyes.

The Surprised Face

This next pose requires you to put your face to work as you engage your eyebrows, eyes, and mouth to try and smooth out your forehead. Essentially, what you need to do is recreate a look of surprise by raising your eyebrows and opening your eyes and mouth wide. Doing this around eight to ten times should help deal with any wrinkles that might be trying to creep onto your face.

The Giraffe Face

Once you’ve attempted the Suprised Face, try moving on to the Giraffe Face. This pose requires you to really stretch your neck as you look up at the ceiling. While you’re in this position, push your tongue up so that it’s pressing against the roof of your mouth. You’ll need to stay like this for 25 seconds before relaxing, then do it all again. This can be a great technique if you’re hoping to hold off aging in both your neck and chin. It’s also an excellent way to combat a stubborn double chin.

The Cheeky Face

Last but not least is the Cheek Face. Repeating this exercise enough ought to tone your cheeks because it focuses on strengthening those muscles. There’s not much to this pose; all you really have to do is breathe in deeply. Take that air and pass it from one cheek to another for as long as you can, then repeat until you’ve done it ten times.

Although cosmetic procedures are a quick fix for staying young, face yoga is the way to go. The outcomes are virtually the same, and you get to maintain a more natural look through the exercises.