5 items you need in your closet for an interview

You could be the most experienced, most qualified, and most eager applicant, but if you’re not dressed right, you might miss the opportunity to get the job. A study was conducted that showed how some employers weighed the applicant’s dress code into their decision to hire them or not. To ensure that you’re ready to ace your interview, be sure to have the following essentials in your closet.

A blazer

Whether you’re a man or a woman, a blazer can be the perfect item to wear to your interview. A blazer can give you that polished, formal yet elegant look. Especially if the position you’re applying for calls for business professional attire. Whether the company’s dress code is professional or casual, you can never go wrong with adding a blazer to your look. Depending on the job, you could experiment with the color you wear. However, having neutral colors such as black, white, or beige is ideal.

5 items you need in your closet for an interview

What top to wear?

You should always have a collared shirt in your closet for a time such as this. Regardless of the position you’re interviewing for, a collared shirt will help you look professional. For the interview choose a plain colored shirt that’s not too busy. You want to achieve a crisp, clean look so be sure to iron your shirt the night before your interview. You don’t want to be ironing the day of your interview because you want to eliminate any unnecessary last-minute tasks.

Slacks or a skirt?

Formal slacks are always a good choice for an interview regardless of the job you’re applying for. Be sure that they’re also ironed the night before. If you arrive at your interview with creased clothes, it will reflect negatively on you and you don’t want that. If you prefer to wear skirts, make sure it’s knee-length, at least. You want to come across as a candidate that’s professional and is serious about the position. You should have skirts or slacks that are neutral colors that can be interchangeable with different tops. That will allow you room to create different outfits once you get the job.

The shoes play an important role

When going for an interview, you want to dress in a way that leaves a good first impression. In other words, you want to dress to impress. The shoes you wear can make or break the outfit for that interview. If you prefer to wear heels, it is recommended that they are closed-toed shoes. Closed-toed heels add to the professional look you want. Choose heels that are not too high, are comfortable to wear, and make you feel confident. Otherwise, a nice pair of flat shoes will do the trick as well.

5 items you need in your closet for an interview


Don’t over-accessorize your look because the aim is to look elegant and professional. Too much jewelry can be distracting and unnecessary. You should use a small handbag to carry your essentials. You don’t need a big satchel for your interview. The saying ‘less is more’ is the perfect motto to go by when it comes to choosing your accessories for an interview.

It’s important to pick out your outfit ahead of time because you want to make sure that on the day of your interview, you have a stress free morning. By having these essentials in your closet you’ll be ready for any interview.