The 5 biggest style trends for fall 2019

From the runways to the streets, the fall of 2019 is an explosion of eclectic styles and pure fashion art. The world’s top designers took a no holds barred approach to creating the season’s masterpieces, and there’s definitely something for everyone. The looks have been tallied and the verdicts are in. We have narrowed down the spreads to offer the five hottest style trends for fall 2019.

Suits to suit you

Over the years, nothing has said “ultimate fall fashion” better than a great suit, and this year is no exception. Grey tweed prints and weaves are all the rage for suits this fall. Fitted and chic or loose and casual, both styles hit the runway hard with many designers bringing back the retro classic coats with black buttons and large belts. Although the classic pant suit look is still popular, the skirt suit with long boots dominates the style this year.

Bold neon

What’s the point of fashion if you aren’t being noticed? And there’s no better way to get noticed than to shine brightly. The super brave can step into neon in head to toe fortitude, or illuminate with smaller neon accents to make any style pop. There’s no limit to specific neon colors, but “the brighter the better” is the order of the day.

The 5 biggest style trends for fall 2019

Dark florals

Bringing in a more feminine look are the dark floral prints that graced the runways in a wide array of fashion-forward designs. Brightly colored flowers set against ebony backgrounds were chosen from an array of different materials and styles. Large floral prints are dominating the trends over more intricate patterns. Whether it’s a full-length frock or a tailored jacket, dark florals are definitely a must-have for the season.

Get on the wild side

Fall is the time of year where layers of clothing are important, and the all-important coat is a fall wardrobe essential. The ultimate look this fall for trenches, bomber jackets, and capes is the animal print. While snakeskin is still a popular choice, leopard spot prints steal the spotlight this year with printed fabrics far outweighing the faux fur options.

The 5 biggest style trends for fall 2019

Metal and lace

Metallics and lace are a hot trend for 2019 with many designers feeling the need for both combined and stand-alone pieces. Gold metallics are the hottest option for uber-chic party dresses, while black lace has claimed the spot of sophisticated evening wear. Fashion is by no means about everyone wearing the same thing, combining the two textures brings a feeling of really owning the style and making it unique to the wearer.

One thing is for sure, fall 2019 is going to be an exciting blend of trends on the streets. The world’s top designers have certainly packed a punch this year. With so many fashion statements to choose from, anyone can feel trendy with the right style to suit them. Keep in style and use the above-mentioned trends as a guideline for your fashion look for fall 2019.