The Best Fashion Podcasts

There are few ways of spending your daily commute to and fro work that beat listening in to a podcast on your favorite topic. Centered around a particular topic, podcasts offer an undisrupted programme focusing on the topic with conversation surrounding it.

Fashion falls into the category of topics that have found a ready audience in the world of podcasts. If you harbour any type of interest in the world of fashion, then you definitely need to give some fashion podcasts a listen. You’ll find hosts interviewing people who have some sort of experience when it comes to things fashion, from fashion designers to high profile celebrities. Whether you’re just a style-concious person, an entrepreneur in the fashion industry or an upstarter, there’s something for you among some of the best fashion podcasts.

To stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the fashion world, these are some of the best fashion podcasts to give an ear to.

The Best Fashion Podcasts

1. Fashion Hags

The only thing that could possibly be better than a great host for a podcast is three great hosts for one podcast. On Fashion Hags, you join Abby, Evan and Katie for an entertaining and informative fashion programme twice a week. The three are fashion-obsessed, so as a fashion lover you’re well catered for. Join them to know what’s up in the fashion industry.

2. The Business of Fashion

This is a podcast whereby you get to listen in to interviews with famous celebrity stylists and other reknown figures in the fashion industry. Here, they’re engaged in discussions on all matters fashion and on news related to the industry. It’s available four times a month.

3. Fashion Talks

The host, Donna Bishop and her host of guests look at the world through fashion lens. Her guests vary and include stylists, designers, industry insiders and some who work outside the fashion industry. This podcast focuses on looking into how fashion has shaped the world, and how the world continues to influence trends in fashion.

4. The M&S Podcast

This is a podcast that gives you an insight into one of the UK’s most successful brands, Marks & Spencers. The main aim is to inform people about the brands initiatives and steps in the fashion industry. The episodes are short, with 6 episodes planned for each series.

The Best Fashion Podcasts

5. Fashion No Filter

Camille Charriére and Monica Ainsley take their listeners through eye opening programmes about the fashion industry. In short, this is a podcast that gives you thirty minutes of insight into the inside workings of the fashion world.

6. Successful Fashion Designer Podcast

If you’re looking to make a break into the highly competitive fashion market, this is a podcast worth listening to. The host, Sew Heidi, is an established designer who gives tips on how to gain the necessary skills to make it in the industry. Topics cover subjects on getting started, building your brand and making a name for yourself in the industry.