What is the biggest accessory for summer 2019?

It’s hard keeping up with some of the trends out there, after all, they seem to change every year. However, you’ll be pleased to know that this year sees some super cute accessories coming back, with a few dashes of modern style added to it. This year it’s all about the bigger, the better, everything wants to be over the top and huge in someway, it’s about making statements to the people around you and being fearless in your decisions. Wear your confidence on the outside with more prominent accessories this year.


Pearls are beautiful and add elegance to anyone who wears them. They’re making a massive comeback this year, and we’re thrilled. You can get them on your headpieces, your sunglasses, bracelets; maybe there will be pearls on those anklets we were talking about? Some people prefer the sparkle and shine of other accessories, and that’s fine because pearls can also come with a stunning complimentary bit of sparkle adorned next to them.


We’ve just boasted that bigger is better, but we’re starting off with something dainty and cute. However, there’s got to be a balance, right? Anklets are awesome, and since fashionable trousers rise above the ankles most of the time, there’s every opportunity to wear them. They come in all shapes and sizes, but this year has practicality in mind. Anything made from a small linked chain or conjoined fabric with a cute charm hanging from it is your best friend.

A huge bag

Yes! This is the year you’ve been waiting for, cast that tiny pipsqueak purse aside, you can now break out the super-practical whopper. While that doesn’t sound very attractive, they come in super chic shapes and materials, and the best part is you’re literally getting more for your money. Not only will you look up-to-date, ultra-fashionable, but you’ll also be able to fit basically everything with you whenever you want. Obviously, it’s important to remember that they still can’t take an insane amount of weight, but you’ll be able to slip your sweater in there if you don’t want to carry it. Bag styles that are in include the shopper bags and large totes, so you better get going before they run out.

Angular sunglasses

Chuck the rounded sunglasses in a draw for next year and get yourself a pair of super chic angled sunglasses. This is probably the biggest accessory for Summer 2019, especially since it’s looking to be a bright one. However, this is the perfect way to sharpen your summer look and give yourself the ultimate sassy look. You can get them in any color you want and make a crazy statement, but the sharper the angle, the better.

It’s either bucket or baker boy

Put away last year’s summer straw hat and get on the trend train with the bucket or baker boy hats. Bucket hats come in all kinds of styles, from check to bright rainbows. They’re small, cute, and easy to fold and suit a variety of face shapes. If you would rather go for a more luxurious and chic style, then the baker boy hat is the one for you. With the baker boy hats, it’s about understated colors in fabric or leather and letting hat itself do the talking.

This year is a real reminiscent year for fashion, and now you have a guide for what’s in and what’s not.