Why you should buy second-hand clothing

Fashion is seriously fast moving in today’s world. Collectively, the world consumes around 80 million items of clothing each year, and in total, 92 million tonnes of this is disposed of into landfill. You don’t necessarily think of clothes having a severe impact on the health of our planet’s environment, but there are numerous reasons as to why the industry is environmentally damaging – from the microfibers polluting oceans, to the masses of greenhouse gases being emitted into our atmosphere from warehouses. In fact, the fashion industry produces more greenhouse gases every year than international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Experts now suggest that we seriously need to transform the way the fashion industry operates and also change our own habitual relationship we have with the clothes we wear. Other than it being a great eco-friendly lifestyle change, here are some other reasons you should start buying second-hand clothing too.

Why you should buy second-hand clothing

ֿIt’s cheaper

Depending on what you buy and where you buy it from, second-hand garments are usually a significant amount cheaper. You can end up getting some seriously great items for a fraction of the price, including some top-end brands too. With second-hand clothing being a lot cheaper, this means you can get a lot more clothes for the same price, transforming your whole wardrobe.

Fashion comes back around

Some fashion trends live forever, but for others, it’s only a matter of time before the style comes back around again. What you bought ten years ago that became outdated so quickly could now be exactly what is trendy again. For example, some of the newer seasonal items you might find at Forever 21 will more than likely be hanging up unwanted in the local thrift store too, just a lot cheaper.

There’s lots to choose from

Second-hand clothing stores bring to the table a whole host of different items and styles, spanning a variety of trends that came to the forefront through the decades. You’ll find something you absolutely love hidden away in a thrift store which you would never have picked up off the rack in the mall. Get rummaging through the shelves! There’s plenty of hidden gems waiting for you take them home.

Give back to the community

A lot of second-hand clothing stores will be charitable, and so it’s a wonderful way for you to contribute to some great causes. Charity stores like Oxfam and Red Cross can provide you with some awesome new garments, and what’s more, you’ll be making a huge difference to their non-profit organization that does amazing things for those in need.

Why you should buy second-hand clothing

Be unique

Sure being ‘trendy’ is great, but if you really see yourself as a fashionista, you should be the one to set the trends instead. There are some fab vintage clothes to find which are just waiting for you to wear them again, and these will be items that you won’t find anywhere else. Be unique and get creative with your outfits rather than following the crowd. Be the shepherd, not a sheep.

Paying it forward by purchasing your clothes second hand is one of the best lifestyle changes you can make nowadays. Not only will you become a greener, more environmentally friendly individual, but you could end up transforming yourself into a cool trendsetter with taste and substance. The best of both worlds! Get yourself down to the charity shops today.