Great ways to maintain your clothes

There is nothing more heartbreaking than picking out your favorite shirt from the washer to see that there is a giant hole in it. It’s enough to reduce anyone to tears! Sending your clothes to the fashion graveyard is never fun, especially when you’ve only had the items for a few months. Surely clothes should last much longer than that? Well, it seems as though your habits may have caused their untimely demise. Here are some great ways to maintain your clothes.

Pay attention to the labels

As you look around your bedroom, you might try to avoid ‘The Chair’ that sits alone in the corner. While it was meant to be a place of work, this chair has slowly but surely become your laundry basket, and on the rare occasion that you decide to do your laundry you probably just scoop everything up and pop it into the washer. Well, you should probably stop doing that. One of the best ways to maintain your clothes is to pay attention to their labels. Many clothes require specific washes and to be laundered in a certain way. By following these rules, you will drastically improve their shelf life.

Great ways to maintain your clothes

Make sure you iron properly

Let’s be honest; nobody likes ironing. It’s tiresome, it’s boring, and it seems like a waste of time in our opinion. However, we all have to do it if we want to maintain our fashionista lifestyle, and if we want to maintain our closet. Yet, if you find yourself saying goodbye to your favorite pair of pants a little too early, it may be that your ironing habits had an effect. That’s because ironing loosens the fabrics within any material – and too much of this can cause stretching and even create holes. To truly up your ironing game, it’s best to research the temperatures that are required for each kind of fabric.

Change up your hangers

Hands up if you use plastic or wire hangers in your closet? There’s a high chance that you all do because they are the basic hangers we all need in our lives. However, it seems as though we may need to have a little switcheroo when it comes to our hanging habits because these types of hangers can actually stretch your clothing. Before too long they’re not hanging right on our body and the material is starting to wear thin. To solve this issue, it’s best to invest in some wooden or fabric hangers that will stop this from happening.

Great ways to maintain your clothes

Are you looking to give your clothes a new lease of life? Well, it seems as though the lives of your favorite items of clothing are in your hands.