How to dress for a vacation

Many dream of going on vacation and being away from work even for a few days. However, traveling entails a lot of planning and preparation, from the flights, hotel, and places to go down to the clothes that you have to pack. If you have your trip already planned out down to the minutest detail, then it will be easier to take care of your travel essentials, including your outfits. There are several things to keep in mind when packing for a trip. Here are some.

How long will you be away?

How many days will you be traveling? Essentially, you must pack at least one outfit per day, with a few extra pieces for good measure. How much clothes you will be bringing will also determine the size of your luggage. If you are a budget traveler and not a big fan of paying for excess baggage, then you have to be a pro in packing lightly.

Check the weather

You have to check the weather of the places you are visiting in advance. Doing so will allow you to determine the types of clothing that you have to bring. Are you going to the beach? Then you should bring light, airy and comfortable clothes. Headed to a cold destination? You may need more luggage space for winter clothing to keep you from freezing.

Check out the dress codes for places you are visiting

There are some tourist destinations in other places that require certain dress codes. You don’t want to disrespect the place’s culture and tradition by dressing inappropriately. If you are going to a relatively conservative city, make sure to bring clothes that can be deemed decent enough for that specific place. For good measure, make sure to bring long skirts and shirts on your trips in case there is a conservative dress code.

Dress comfortably

The thing with travelling is that it requires you to take long walks, so dressing comfortably is a must. Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes and clothing that you won’t mind wearing on hot or cold walks and exploring. Always have a light jacket handy in case it rains or gets cold. You can do away with overly complicated clothing so that it’s easier to change into another clothing on the go.


Vacationing is a good opportunity for you to wear clothes that you won’t wear on a normal day back home. Accessorizing your vacation outfits will be so much fun. You can also shop for local fashion items from the place you are visiting, so you can feel one with the locals.

Wear appropriate shoes

Out for the day for some exploring? Then a trusty pair of sneakers is your best friend. It will not hurt your feet as much than when you wear heels on a day trip full of walking and exploring. Reserve your high heels for when you go out to dinner and wearing a nice dress.

When traveling on a budget, you don’t have to shop for a whole wardrobe. Take items from your existing wardrobe and mix and match them so you get to have new looks that you can wear on vacation. Invest in staple pieces that you can wear anywhere. When it comes to dressing on vacation, the most important things are comfort and respect for the place.