Ideal fashion tips for short women

There’s nothing wrong with being short. As much as this is true, there happens to be a lot of challenges that come with being petite. Inability to reach high shelves is just the least of them. Whatever the case however, your wardrobe should not add onto the pile of things that you have to deal with daily just because you’re short.

It can be a bit challenging to find outfits in your size, but that situation can be rectified. A few tricks here and there can have you rocking your outfits without looking like a kid trying to fit in their elder sister’s clothes. Below are some fashion tips for short women to keep them well-fitted and fashionable always.

1. When shopping, don’t skip the kids’ section

If you happen to be short and slim, the perfect fit for you will probably always be found in the larger sized section of kids clothes. The sizing might differ with different brands, but you’ll most likely always find something for yourself. The next time you’re frustrated in the adult section because everything looks too big on you, retrace your steps a little.

2. Balance is key, so follow the 2/3rd-1/3rd rule

This is a guideline that discourages short women from wearing outfits that divide their bodies into two equal halves. For a more coordinated look, cover two thirds of your body with the bottoms and the other one third with a top. This is a look that can be easily achieved by high wasted skirts and pants, and crop tops or tops that have been tucked in.

3. Match your shoes with your bottoms

Putting on shoes whose color is the same as those of your bottoms will create a lengthening illusion. For example, wearing black pants with black booties. Short skirts worn with matching leggings and shoes also work in this way.

4. Become a DIY expert

One too many times, you’ve probably stumbled upon an item you like a lot but something about it doesn’t fit you right. With petite women, it’s always either the neckline is too large, the sleeves too wide and long, or the sides don’t fit right. When you don’t want to let a great piece go, don’t sacrifice your style for it. Simple alterations at home with a simple sewing kit can make the needed change and you’ll end up with a well-fitting outfit.

5. Exploit layers to create a fit

Using layers to get a well-fitting outfit will also come in handy. A shirt with too wide sleeves can easily be paired up with a boyfriend jacket for a better look. Exploity layers in order to create a fit.

6. Keep the boots at ankle length

If not that, let them reach above yours. Boots that stop anywhere in the middle of your legs cut off your already short legs at unflattering places.

With these ideal fashion tips for women, you’ll never have to leave a great outfit behind because of the fit. So go out and stay in style.