Outfits you can wear to work and out afterwards

Leaving work, rushing home for an outfit change then heading to your night out not only sounds a bit fatiguing but also like a waste of time you could have spent having fun instead of running around. On the other hand, you can’t exactly walk into your favorite hang out place in your everyday work outfit. You’ll probably feel out of place the moment you take a step inside and see all the other revellers in fun outfits that don’t look like they just walked out of boardrooms.
Finding an in-between becomes the key. If you can find the perfect balance between a work outfit and an ensemble you wouldn’t mind going out in, then you eliminate the need to rush back home. An outfit that works both ways means that you’ll look appropriately dressed at work, yet sexy enough when you hit your evening spot later on. Below, find outfit ideas that will smoothly take you from morning to evening till late.

Outfits you can wear to work and out afterwards

1. Leather pants, matching fitting tailored jacket and a white top beneath.

Leather pants will always look cool at any entertainment or after hours spot, so match them up with a suit jacket and they’ll look appropriate for work too. The white top makes them look even more professional.

2. Long-sleeved midi-dress and pumps.

It’s long sleeved, so it’s work appropriate, and a midi-dress is a glamorous piece to don for an outing later, especially when you pair it up with a pair of nice-looking pumps, which also happen to be work-appropriate.

3. A sleeveless dress and a blazer on top.

The blazer will keep you looking great at work, then you can fold it up when evening comes and you can shine in your sleeveless dress.

4. Jeans, a white shirt and a blazer.

When it comes to outfits that easily transition from work outfits to evening ones, you’ll find that the blazer becomes your best friend. It’ll make any outfit look professional, then take a backseat when it’s time to party. With the jeans shirt ensemble however, you really don’t have to ditch it as this look is casual and fun too.

5. Matching top and pants.

For an outfit that easily looks like a jumpsuit, wear your pants with a matching top. They’re acceptable at work, and the color blends the pieces into each other, looking like a fun jumpsuit for your night out.

6. A little black dress and heels.

You couldn’t go wrong with a fit and flare black dress that hits your knees at work, and any type of little black dress silently screams fun. Heels or booties will both look great in both settings.

Outfits you can wear to work and out afterwards

7. A button-down skirt, sleeveless top and blazer.

After looking sophisticated all day at work, all you’ll have to do to change gears in the evening is lose the blazer and unbutton a few of the buttons on your skirt.

8. Mini skirt, a patterned or floral sleeveless top and a blazer.

Simple, chic and great from dawn to dusk.

Other than losing that blazer after work, you can also carry a few jewelry in your purse to spice up your work outfit and change its entire look. Packing your strappy heels in the morning to change out your office flats in the evening is also a handy tip.