What are the best things you should be eating for breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that might not be the case if you’re grabbing a slice of last night’s pizza skipping it altogether. So what are the best things you should be eating for breakfast to start your day on the right foot? It seems as though the right start to the day could be about to have wondrous effects on our lives – all thanks to a simple meal.

What are the best things you should be eating for breakfast


There are so many health benefits to eating eggs that it can be hard to know where to begin. Not only do they help us to feel fuller for longer, but enjoying your eggs in the morning can also give us an antioxidant boost that will help to prevent many eye conditions, such as degeneration and cataracts. Still not enough? Eggs also contain high levels of nutrients that help our livers and brains to stay healthy.


There is a reason this has been such a popular choice over the years: oatmeal is full of fiber that helps to keep us feeling full all morning. Oatmeal is also an excellent choice for anyone wanting to look after their heart. The antioxidants in this bowl of goodness will help to lower blood pressure as well as help overall heart health.


There are so many different types of fruits in the world, and they all come with their individual benefits. Some help to boost our immune systems while others can help protect from certain cancers or give our brains a boost. However, fruit is also high in fiber meaning our digestive system should stay nice and healthy while the high water content helps to keep us hydrated throughout the day.

Cottage cheese

If you want something that’s filled with protein and will help to increase your metabolism then look no further; cottage cheese could be the answer for you. As well as decreasing the levels of the hunger hormone in our body, cottage cheese has also been shown to promote weight loss while helping to keep us satisfied throughout the morning.

What are the best things you should be eating for breakfast

Greek yogurt

Not only is this a great option for anyone looking for a sweet treat in the morning, but Greek yogurt is so adaptable that you can eat it on its own, mix it with fruit, or even drizzle the bowl with honey for some extra taste. As if that wasn’t enough, Greek yogurt is filled with probiotics that help to keep our digestive systems healthy while also increasing our metabolism meaning it should help with weight loss.

Breakfast can be the start of many great days, and with so many options that are sure to help see us through the day, what are you waiting for? Whether you grab the same meal each and every day or you want to mix it up – it seems as though there is something for everyone. The best bit? We get to enjoy a bowl full of goodness every morning as we make ourselves healthier every day. It’s perfect.