Healthy snacks for every time of the day

Maybe you want to keep yourself full between meals? Perhaps you prefer to graze your way through the day rather than eat three large meals? Whatever the case, it can be tough to take our mind off food. Thankfully, these healthy snacks for every time of the day should help to keep us satisfied.

Early morning

Not all of us like breakfast, but getting some fiber and protein early in the day should help us to get our morning off to an energy-filled start. Snacks such as hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, or Greek yogurt topped with nuts and fruit can all be brilliant sources of the good stuff. The best bit? Many can be taken with us if we often find ourselves running out of time in the morning.

Healthy snacks for every time of the day


It’s thought that we should keep our mid-morning snacks under 200 calories to make sure we don’t slump before lunch. Ideas such as string cheese, a cup of berries, whole wheat toast with avocado, or even a handful of nuts are all filling sources of energy that still leave plenty of room for a delicious lunch. The nutrients found in these snacks should help us stay alert until our next meal.


Lunchtime can be the perfect snack time to let vegetables take center stage. We can do this any way we like as we mix up a host of color on one plate. Vegetable sticks with dip can be a perfect combination for anyone on the go while colorful salads with a little added cheese could add a bit more diversity to our plates. If you want something sweeter, then it might be time to break out the Greek yogurt instead.


Many of us have suffered from the post-lunch slump as we try to drag ourselves to the end of the day. A mid-afternoon snack can be vital to keep us fulfilled until dinner as well as giving us an energy boost. Bananas and apples served with peanut butter can often be all the sweet we need. However, snacks like plain popcorn or blue cheese in dates can also help to satisfy those cravings.

Healthy snacks for every time of the day

Dinner time

Dinner snacks are also an excellent chance to let those vegetables come to life on our plate. Steamed vegetables help to make sure all the goodness is kept inside without any added salt to the mix. Serving these alongside the likes of roasted salmon, whole wheat pasta or rice, or black beans can add new layers to our snacks without leaving us too full. After all, sleeping on a full stomach might lead to issues with our digestion and sleep further down the line.

Before bed

Believe it or not, but a light snack before bedtime can sometimes help us to score a better night’s sleep. A small bowl of cereal with milk has been a fan favorite for many years while the likes of crackers and cheese or Greek yogurt can help many of us get our dairy fix. On the other hand, a small bowl of rice, a handful of nuts, or even a slice of whole wheat toast and almond butter can be perfect late-night additions.

Many of us can’t seem to get food off the brain. If your mind is always thinking about your next meal, then why not begin to incorporate some healthy snacks into every time of the day?