How to tell your pets you love them

There’s nothing we love more than giving your pet a good cuddly squeeze and a kiss on the nose at the end of a long hard day. But more often than not they simply freeze and stare back at you confused as to what you’re doing. Pets don’t understand hugs and kisses like we do. So what are the other ways in which we can show them the love they deserve?

Here are the best things you can do to give your furry best friend the TLC they’re waiting for.

How to tell your pets you love them

Feed them healthy food

Healthy eating is vital for us humans to thrive, and it’s no different for our pets either. There is lots of information out there to educate you on what foods are best for your pet, so make sure you are investing in the right ones. Your pet seemingly eats anything you give them, but providing them with the proper nutrition is important for allowing them to be happy and healthy. It might be best to speak to your veterinarian about what brands they think are best.

Exercise them well

Giving them the right exercise is another vital part of your pet’s life. For dogs, daily walks and playing fetch will keep them physically fit. And for cats, try interacting with them with toys and wands that keep them occupied. Plus, it’s been proven that these types of activities benefit your own wellbeing too. There are no excuses.

Learn their language

Let’s state the obvious. However much we may enjoy talking to them in our high-pitched gibberish language, pets don’t understand what we’re saying. Instead, they communicate with us through body language, so it is important that we take care in the way we interact with them through our own body movements and gestures.

Do what they want to do

Observing your pet’s behaviour is essential for understanding their mood and feelings. Learn to understand what they do and don’t enjoy doing. Tend to their needs and make sure you provide them with the resources they need to do the things they enjoy. For example, if your cat likes to be outdoors, then build them an exterior cattery. If your dog likes to wrestle, buy some tugs toys!

Don’t make the vet a stranger

Your pet will not exactly enjoy this one, but taking them on regular check-ups is really important. Take notice of any changes in their behavior and ensure you take the necessary steps to ensure they get the medical attention they need if their health is suffering.

How to tell your pets you love them

Play more games

Pets can get bored easily, and if you tend to leave them to their own devices for long periods of time, then it is essential that you play and interact with. Playing games is a great stress reliever, for you and your pet, so finding the most enjoyable activity for you both is an excellent way of maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with them.

Help them conquer their fears

Pets can develop irrational stress-inducing fears of random things – from stairs to fireworks, or vacuums and car journeys. If your pet shows frequent signs of unnecessary anxiety, it is vital you to help them overcome their fears. Consider hiring behavioral experts to teach you the best techniques. Don’t let their fear manifest.

A pet is truly a man’s best friend. They give you unconditional love and affection like no other person can. So follow these simple rules, and your pet will start to love you even more than they do now.