Best sport sunglasses for men

Sports sunglasses are a necessary gear for sportsmen who wish to improve their performance. These glasses are designed to improve visibility by reducing glare from light, water, sand and other objects around. They also improve contrast, and protect the eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun. With these functions, a sportsman wearing the right pair of sunglasses is able to focus their sight where necessary without getting distracted. Some of these glasses are designed for different weather to ensure that performance is not affected by surrounding elements. Here are some of the best sport sunglasses for men:

Best sport sunglasses for men

Roka Barton Sunglasses

This pair is great for runners. They come with sticky nose and temple pads which ensure that they won’t slip off. This keeps you from getting distracted by having to push them upwards every couple of strides. They also have a lightweight frame, such that you’ll barely feel them on your face.

Nike HyperForce

Great for ball games, this is the perfect pair for tennis, baseball, softball and the like. The lens wrap around your eyes, keeping off glare from all angles. They also improve contrast, which is great for ball games.

Bose Frames Alto

This is the ideal pair for you if you love getting in your exercise while listening to your favorite music. Good for hiking, running or even riding, these sunglasses come with speakers which are built into each arm. You’ll get to hear your music and at the same time enjoy the sounds around you.

Julbo Trek

If you’re going to have dust, wind and all kind of debris flying into your face, this is the pair for you. The lens are designed to protect your eyes you from all these. In addition, they have a Flex Nose design that keeps them on your face no matter what’s blowing in your way. For a better fit, you can adjust the temples. For better protection from sun rays, they have shields near the temples that can be detached, coupled with eyebrows. This is the pair to get for mountain climbs, runs and bike rides.

Zeal Optics Equinox

The Zeal Optics Equinox sunglasses come with polarizing lens that are essential if you’re running near large water bodies. Reflection from water can be very glaring, and also be harmful to the eye. If you’re a fan of eco-friendly products, then you’ll also love the fact that these glasses are made using plant-based material. They’re incredibly lightweight and come with MyFit technology that ensures they stay put on your nose.

Best sport sunglasses for men


This pair from Bolle comes with B-Clear lenses that repel smudging, fingerprints and sweat. This makes it an easy pair to clean up. They have vented temples which reduce fogging to ensure that vision is not affected. They’re also made to withstand high impact and can survive falls.

Maui Jim World Cup Sunglasses

These sunglasses come with polarizing lens that make them ideal for water sports. They cut glare from the reflection in water, then boost color so that your eyes will not feel strained.
By choosing the best pair for your kind of sport, you get a great experience.