How to make your home feel like a luxury hotel

When you travel and stay in a fancy hotel, are you enamored by the luxury furnishings, classy fixtures and fresh atmosphere? You could have all of those trappings in your own home with a few simple improvements. The following tips could turn your average home into a five-star city or seaside hotel.

Install soft, warm lights

Interior lighting is a real mood setter, especially in a luxury suite. To give your home that fancy lighted effect, choose soft, warm lights. Place these lights at both ends of your living areas. In your bedroom, have lamps on each side of your bed. Alternatively, choose twin sconces with sleek covers. For a relaxing feel, choose an off-white or yellow color. You could even give your lighting a more modernistic feel with pink or turquoise lights.

How to make your home feel like a luxury hotel

Make your bed with luxury sheets

Make your queen – or king-sized bed feel like a million dollars with luxury sheets. Choose sheets with a 300-plus thread count and wash them at least once per week. After each drying cycle, iron or steam-press your sheets. Choose sheets that feel soft and delicate. For an added effect, spray your sheets with lavender or rose fragrance. You can make this fragrance by mixing together petals, essential oils and a pinch of spice.

Top your bed with extra pillows

One of the most luxurious features in a fancy hotel room are the pillows. With big and carefully arranged pillows, you can make your bed look and feel a lot more comfortable and classy. Buy pillows of varying sizes: some regular, others large and square, plus a few smaller ones. Choose cases made of satin and other fancy fabrics. These pillows could make your bed comfy for sitting up and reading or watching DVDs.

Place decorative carpets in choice spots

Throw carpets can transform your floor from drab to dynamic. In most luxury hotels, you will see several carpets carefully placed beside choice fixtures like the bed. Choose fluffy carpets to enhance the coziness around your bed. White is always a good option, but any soft color could do if you go for a neutral interior scheme. You should only step on these carpets with bare feet because of their texture, but that’s the whole purpose of luxury.

Add little details to your walls and shelves

Luxury hotels might be the fanciest places you’ll ever get to sleep, though they won’t necessarily be the largest. Among the things that make hotel rooms special are all the tiny details. Nightstands, for example, usually have books, candles, fixtures and vases. Place these things on your nightstands. Get bouquets and little statues. Grace one of your walls with a framed picture, such as a black and white art photograph or a reprint of a classic painting.

How to make your home feel like a luxury hotel

Place air fresheners throughout your house

Have you noticed the freshness every time you walk into a fancy hotel? You can give your home that same freshness by using scented enhancements like incense and potpourri. Place these fresheners strategically around your living quarters, especially your bathroom and bedroom. Decorative and scented candles can also make your home smell like a rose garden. Place these on your shelves, window sills, tables and nightstands.

Enhance the unique features of your interior

Take the most distinctive feature in each of your rooms and enhance them with special decorative touches. For example, if there’s a recessed wall in your house, line the insides with neon lights. If you have a high window or a diagonal ceiling, place special lighting along these margins. This could make these high spots into visual focal points.

Install a remote sound system

For maximum luxury, equip your rooms with wireless entertainment. Have your big-screen television sets and stereo system hooked up with Alexa. Alternatively, keep remote devices in every room. Place wireless speakers on the wall by your bed and set up your stereo for remote programming from any room.

Set things up so your entertainment can be activated via remote or voice. When you don’t even have to get out of bed to hear your favorite song or watch your favorite movie, that’s luxury entertainment.