What are weighted blankets and are they worth the hype?

You might have been hearing a lot of talk about weighted blankets recently. They seem to be a pretty big craze right now, with plenty of people boasting about their amazing qualities. What exactly are these products though, and are they really worth the hype?

What are those?

The clue is in the name when it comes to weighted blankets. They’re basically heavier versions of the blankets you might have on your bed or sofa. While that extra weight might not sound too comfortable, these things aren’t going to crush you if you lie under them. They simply have a bit of additional heft created by small beads in the lining. What is the point of this, though?

What are weighted blankets and are they worth the hype?

A comforting hug

Weighted blankets are apparently useful for dealing with certain mental health issues. Things like stress and anxiety can be alleviated through the use of these blankets. While they don’t remove the problem by any means, they can help the user calm down and stop worrying so much.

Supposedly, this is because being under the blanket gives you the sensation that you’re being hugged. The weight makes it feel like there’s someone else with you, even when you’re alone. That effect is apparently soothing, and it combats the onset of things like anxiety and insomnia.

Does it work?

There’s a lot of debate about just how useful these blankets actually are. Not all of the research that’s been conducted into them has been as thorough as it could have been. For instance, one study found that two-thirds of participants reported reduced anxiety levels after spending five minutes under a weighted blanket.

However, only 32 people took part in that study, and it was unknown if any of them were diagnosed with anxiety. Moreover, there was no control group to compare the results to. Despite this uncertainty, though, some companies have still cited these results when advertising their products.

Different for everyone

While the research might be questionable, that doesn’t necessarily take away from what was discovered. Time and again, studies have shown that some people benefit from using a weighted blanket. Whether they’re a person with insomnia or a child with ADHD, there’s a possibility that the product will affect them.

However, it seems this isn’t the case for everyone. While the blanket might calm one person, another might find it a burden. For instance, instead of being soothed to sleep by it, they’re kept awake by the constant pressure on their body. The only way to know for sure if a weighted blanket is right for you is to try it out yourself.

What are weighted blankets and are they worth the hype?

Is it worth the hype?

It’s hard to say if these blankets are worth the hype or not. It all depends on if they have a positive effect on you. If you find that you’re immune to their benefits, then they’re basically a waste of time and money. At several hundred dollars a blanket, they’re hardly the cheapest craze around.

Of course, if they can help with your anxiety, then they’re worth every cent. After all, imagine how many sleepless nights your blanket could prevent. This is an investment that could really change your life.

If you’re intrigued by weighted blankets but are worried about the price, most companies offer full refunds if you return them quickly enough. Just remember that if you decide to keep the product, it’s not a replacement for proper medical care and prescriptions. The blanket won’t resolve your anxiety all by itself.