How to get ready more quickly in the mornings

Getting ready in the mornings can be a hassle. Often we have to rush through our routine to get to where we need to be on time, sometimes forgetting items or steps along the way. One cannot help but wonder, is there not a better, more efficient way to get ready? And the answer is yes! Read below to find some handy tips that can help reduce the amount of time it takes to get ready in the morning.

Prepare the night before

This may sound obvious, but preparing the night before can actually drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to get ready in the morning. Start by looking at the weather forecast for the next day and use the information to plan what sort of clothing you are going to wear. Then take your chosen outfit out so that you don’t have to scramble to find clothes the next day. You can also walk around your house or apartment and gather everything you may need for the day. Put all your items in one space, preferably near your door, so that when you leave, you can remember to take it all with you. This can ensure that you spend less time stressing and rushing in the mornings.

How to get ready more quickly in the mornings

Set multiple alarms

Sometimes, what delays us most in the morning is actually getting up and out of bed. This is because our bodies are possibly being woken up from a very deep sleep, which means we need time to wake up properly. Setting multiple alarms allows for your body to adjust and wake up slowly, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to get out of bed and start your day. Try and set three alarms, one for about an hour or 45 minutes before you are supposed to wake up, another for 30 or 15minutes before you need to get up, and one when you are actually supposed to get up. This allows you to wake up gradually, so that by the time you are supposed to be up, it is a lot easier.

Leave the phone alone

For most people the first thing we do when we wake up us reach over and look at our phones. This can be a huge distraction and can prevent us from doing whatever we need to to get ready on time, resulting in either a last-minute rush or being late. To prevent this, perhaps allocate a certain amount of time in your morning routine, maybe five or ten minutes, in which you can check your phone and see if you have missed any important messages or emails. Other than that, leave the phone alone. Put it with your keys so that you don’t forget it and focus on the task at hand – getting ready. The lack of distraction will most certainly ensure that you get ready faster and with more efficiency.

How to get ready more quickly in the mornings

Multitasking is key

When getting ready, try and make sure that you are utilizing your time effectively. Multitasking can be extremely beneficial, especially if your routine has many steps. For example, while you wait for your coffee to brew, you could start preparing the rest of your breakfast instead of wasting time waiting around the machine in the hopes that it will brew faster if you watch it. Or after you’ve brushed your teeth, you can gargle your mouthwash and comb your hair at the same time. Although this may seem small, it can definitely help reduce the rush and stress of getting ready in the morning.