Great ideas for a first date

Going on a date is an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved one and get to know them better. Unfortunately, putting a date together isn’t the easiest thing especially considering how much costs it can incur. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from having a good time with your loved one. Not all dates need you to dig into your pocket. With a little creativity, both of you can have a great time without spending a dime. There are countless free date ideas that you can exploit and have even more fun than you normally would on an expensive outing. Below are some ideas that you can borrow.

Great ideas for a first date

1. Go Picnicking

Put together a few simple snacks in your own kitchen, pack them along a few drinks in your picnic basket, toss a picnic blanket on top then off you go to the nearest park or any other appealing scenic place with your loved one.

2. Movie Night In

Make a selection of great movies that you both enjoy, make a ton of popcorn, bring out pillows and blankets then cuddle with your date for a night long movie marathon. You’ll end up having more fun than you would in a movie theater. With no money spent on pricy tickets.

3. Go Stargazing

Nature never gets old to look at, especially when it comes to a clear starry night sky. Find the perfect spot for viewing the night sky, spread out a blanket and lay next to your partner as you try to identify the different constellations and stars. Or you can just lie there and enjoy each others company in the quiet serenity of the night.

4. Karaoke

Go burst your vocals at your local on their karaoke night. It doesn’t matter if none of you has singing prowess, you’ll be certain to have a lot of fun embarrassing yourselves and cringing to other participants’ off key notes. If you’re any good, you might be lucky and take a prize home!

5. Go on a Hike

This is another opportunity to spend quality together while exploring nature. Strap up your boots and go off into that scenic place with natural trails and great sights. You might be exhausted at the end of the day but it will all be worth it. You can even count it as a way of getting some exercise done.

Great ideas for a first date

6. Cook

Cooking is fun, especially when you’re playing around with ingredients and never tried before recipes. You and your partner can have a great time getting creative and trying to put a brand new recipe together. You can even take free cooking classes thanks to YouTube chefs, or have a bake off competition against each other.

7. Author Reading

If both of you love literature, look for any author reading available in bookstores and libraries in your town. Some are free, so you can get to enjoy this wonderful experience without spending a dime.

8. Take Dance Classes

Normally these would cost money, but not when you make use of the internet. Just like cooking classes, there are lots of dancing classes available on free sites such as YouTube. Stream them on your flat screen, put on your work out clothes then sweat it out together. A chance to learn something together is a great chance to build a stronger connection.
These are some great free dates that you can go on, so never let limited funds limit your experience.