The cheapest ways to travel in Italy

Although there are so many amazing destinations in this world, there’s no doubt about the fact that Italy is one of the coolest countries out there. Home to beautiful cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan, it’s fair to say that there is so much to see and do if you ever decide to book a life-changing trip across the pond. Because of this, there’s no staying in one place for the duration of your trip. This country is too impressive to miss out on, which is why you should travel around and see what’s on offer. But have you ever wondered how you can travel in Italy on a budget? Well, it’s not as hard as it may seem.

Rent a car

If you plan on covering a lot of ground during your Italian adventure, and you want to explore the smaller towns, renting a car may be your best – and cheapest – option. Renting a car gives you the freedom to travel at your own pace, and it also gives you the chance to travel where you want. If you want to stop and smell the roses in between one village and the next, you have the ability to do just that! If you do want to rent a car, you’ll want to book as far in advance as possible to secure the cheapest rate. Also, automatic cars are a luxury in Italy, so try and keep the costs down by renting a manual instead.

Take the train

One of the best modes of public transportation in Italy is the train, and this is because this country offers countless high-speed routes that can take you from Venice to Rome in just under 4 hours! Although the price of these trains will cost you a fortune if you just rock up to the station and buy your tickets there and then, you can get them a whole lot cheaper. Booking as far in advance as you possibly can will work wonders for your bank balance, and means that you can use the money you spent on trying out some traditional pizza or pasta.

Use the metro

If you’re planning on exploring big cities, the metro will definitely work in your favor. While it’s not the most luxurious mode of transport in the world, there’s no doubt about the fact that the metro is quick and easy. Sure, you may get a bit sweaty, but you will also get to explore one of the most beautiful Italian cities this country has to offer. Metro tickets are normally super cheap, and you won’t have to stay on these underground trains too long, because you’ll be at your destination in no time.

Go for a walk

Remember to pack your walking shoes, because walking around Italy is actually one of the best ways to travel around the country. Of course, we don’t expect you to travel from Rome to Venice in one fell swoop, but you can save money on vacation costs by walking around each city. This means that you will not only get to save money on transport, but you will also get to see more of each destination. Many cities offer free walking tours, which means that you can follow the crowd, and make sure that you’re not missing the sites.

Are you planning a trip to Italy? These are the cheapest ways to travel around.