The best meditation apps out there

Meditation is said to be beneficial to your body for many reasons. It can help release stress, reduce chronic pain, treat headaches, help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and the list goes on. But how do you go about meditating is the real question? Many people would love to start but have no idea where to begin. That’s why I.T. pros have designed apps that you can get on your mobile phones, which give you step by step guidelines on meditation. Here’s a list of some of the best meditation apps out there.


If you’re a yoga enthusiast, then you’ll love this app. It has a big variety of meditations, each with guidelines to talk you through it. You can also customize your workout depending on the length of the session, the teacher you want or the level you choose. There are also different topics to choose from that are specific to your goals. You can even access classes given by a teacher within the app.

The best meditation apps out there


This app gives guided classes that range from three to 25 minutes long. You can choose topics according to what you want to achieve through meditation. It can be to calm anxiety, practice mindfulness or gratitude, or to help you sleep. Even if you just want different breathing exercises, this app has so many options available that it caters to everyone’s needs. There are several programs to choose from, with new meditations added daily and you can also track your progress.

The Mindfulness App

Whether you’re a beginner or a mediation pro, you’ll find this app helpful and easy to navigate. You can get started with a five-day guided meditation and introduction to mindfulness. This app suits any lifestyle as you can choose from silent meditations and time guided meditations ranging from three to 30 minutes. You can personalize your meditation options, set up reminders to practice mindfulness throughout your day, and you can create a meditation journal to track your progress.

10% Happier

This meditation app was designed with skeptics in mind. New content is added on a weekly basis so your meditation doesn’t become a chore but a choice. Beginners will like this app because of its guided step by step videos which are simple and easy to follow. There’s also some content that’s helpful for coping with stress and overcoming anxiety.

The best meditation apps out there

The Breathing App

As the name says, this app teaches you how to control your breathing as a means of meditation. Learning to slow your breathing can be beneficial to your health in many ways as it helps increase your lung function, helps relieve anxiety and stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves your overall emotional state. This app is perfect for those that want to practice meditation and mindfulness without any of the spiritual aspects.

Simple Habit

This app was designed for people on the move with limited free time. You only need five minutes a day on this app to help reduce your stress levels, help you sleep better, improve your focus, and learn how to breathe easier. It has an On-the-Go feature, which is helpful for calming your nerves in stressful situations.

Needless to say, meditation is a positive practice and it’s no wonder many people are turning to it for its long list of benefits. Try some of these apps and find out for yourself how you can benefit from these amazing techniques.